In actuality, humanity has been exposed to a dangerous coronavirus that causes a new disease, the COVID-19. In the beginning, all of us were expecting the propagation of the virus would stop and not turn into a pandemic.

However, unfortunately for all the countries around the world, it was inevitable to stop the propagation of the COVID-19, and despite all the preventive actions of all the countries, the safest way to keep us free of the virus has been staying in quarantine. But, for almost all of us is very difficult to be at home all the time because some still need to go to work and of course buy basic things for our families like food and medicine. In this way, as we cannot lock ourselves in a bubble to avoid contact with the virus, we have to sanitize all the spaces and objects we are in contact most of the time with.

Despite the quarantine for the coronavirus has only had around 8 months of progress, there have been a lot of researches done in that time. According to this researches people usually and disinfect their shoes, hands, and houses. However, they always forget to clean and disinfect their cars. It is like the cars were a safe zone free of coronavirus. But, it is very far from the reality because normally we get in the car with the hands contaminated with the bags and products we take in the supermarket or in the store we visited. Then we touch the doors, the wheel, lever, and even the windshield. It is why we act like we are in a safe environment while we are seriously exposing the comfort of our cars.

Nevertheless, the solution to this problem is easier than you could think. And for this reason, we bring you here the best tips to sanitize your car and keep you and your family safe from getting infected with the coronavirus without destroying your car in the process.

What are the products you really can use to sanitize your car?

It is important to know the difference between clean and sanitizes because with the cleaning you are going to remove just the dirt of your car while sanitizing it you are going to decrease the amount of virus on the surface of your car. For this reason, it is essential to know the products you can use to sanitize your car. However, it does not mean that every product you read that works to destroy viruses can be great for your vehicle. You have to consider that there are some sanitizing products that can be very corrosive for the surfaces of your car. First of all, you should avoid at all cost the bleach because it can make the leather of your seats end ruined. Also, it can weaken the surfaces of your

steering wheel and the dashboard of your car, then forcing you to replace them. Besides, there are other kinds of products that can be terrible for your windshield because they can dull the glass. In this way, besides bleach you should also avoid benzene, abrasive cleaners like those which contain sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Instead, you can use isopropyl alcohol at 70%, it is useful for all the surfaces even over leather, and most importantly it kills the coronavirus that produces COVID-19 that could be in your car. However, some owners said that overexposure of the leather to the alcohol can dry the leather. For this reason, you can use water and soft soap for the leather and then apply a leather conditioner to keep all your seats soft.

Which are the parts you must pay more attention to?

Despite all the car is exposed, there are some spots inside and outside of it that are more probable to get infected with the virus. So, if you know which those spots are, you are going to be able to dedicate extra attention to sanitize them more carefully. In general, we know that the most probable way to get coronavirus is through the contact of our contaminated hands with our eyes, nose, and mouth. It can tell us where the spots of the car that are more exposed to the particles of the virus are. The parts of the car that we constantly touch with our hands are the door handles and switches, bottoms to open and close the windows, the steering wheel and lever, the radio, hand brakes, and the rearview mirror. As you can notice there are too many places where you
and your family can get infected. However, it does not mean we are not going to use our cars anymore. We have to take the proper precautions like using gel-based antibacterial with 70% alcohol after getting in the
car without touching anything else before.

Besides, we have to avoid touching the surface of the windshield because it is one of the most exposed parts of the car. While you are in the car there are thousands of particles of the virus your windshield can take in the way. For this reason, if you do not clean it, it is better to not touch it if you do not need to. As you can see to sanitize the different parts of your car is not too complicated. You only have to pay attention to the details and avoid contact with the contaminated spots with your hands, and of course, with your face. Also, you cannot forget that despite you clean your hands after turning on your car, the keys of your car are also contaminated because you took them outside and they have been collecting all the viruses. In this way, you can turn on your car before using the antibacterial gel because it is going to avoid you contaminate your hand after you already clean them. But, remember that when you go out of the car clean your hands again to protect the rest of the people of possible contagion.