Windshield: When should I replace or repair the chip.

When you buy a car, there is nothing more incredible than watching all its parts shining, in particular, the windshield. However, it does not matter how strong the car you have can be, because the weakest part of the vehicle is always going to be the windshield. It happens for different reasons, but mainly because it is a big part in the front of the car and any object that can impact the auto is more probable that hits the glass and creates chips and cracks. In this way, in front of this situation, the sad owners are forced to pay for the replacement caused by the inconvenience. However, in some circumstances

we can think that replacing the whole windshield for a little chip is very unnecessary. But unfortunately for our budget, almost every expert tell us that is necessary to change it. But, we always find online that a windshield repair is possible. So, how can we know when it is necessary to replace the windshield for a chip and when it is possible to save a little bit of money and only repair it? It is hard to find a windshield installation company capable of clearing our doubts and to be honest at the time of the kind of services we need to fix our windshield problem more cheaply.

For this reason, we are going to present you with some secrets, so you can determine when you can repair the chip of your windshield or pay for the replacement. In this way, you are going to be able to choose the best option for the good of your car.

What are a chip and a crack in the windshield?

Before starting to look for a solution for your problem with the windshield of your car, first it is essential to know what kind of problem you have in front. Remember that the solutions are going to vary according to the problem. There are no universal solutions. First, the chips on a windshield are the physical representation of a little


damage caused by the impact of a little stone or a piece of debris, but unlike the crack, the chips do not make the windshield lose their function of avoiding the outside elements getting in the car. The cracks of the windshields are usually thicker than the chips. Besides, the chips measure less than 1 inch while the cracks are bigger. For this reason, almost all the cracks are impossible to fix, and it is necessary to buy a new piece for a windshield installation. However, if your windshield has a chip, it does not mean that it cannot be converted into a crack. It is why it is so essential to make the windshield repair on time to avoid having to replace the whole piece.

When is it possible to repair the chip?

In this way, when you find a chip on your windshield, you have to act quickly to find a solution before it is too late. To know if it is possible to change your windshield, there are many factors you have to consider before repairing it.
First of all, a windshield repair is only for those which are made of laminated glass. For this reason, this is the first information you have to search because if yours is made of tempered glass is not possible to repair it. Once you already know if your windshield is repairable you have to consider three elements: the depth, the size, and the location. It is important to know the depth of the chip or the crack to find out if it involves all the layers of the glass. You should know that the windshields are made of two layers of glass with a layer of plastic in the middle. In this way, if the chip breaks all the layers of the glass, it is impossible to try to fix it. However, when the chip is superficial, it is easy to repair.

In concert, with the depth you also have to consider the size because when the chips and the cracks have more than 14 inches, they have fewer probabilities to be reparable. However, some windshield replacement companies can offer you to repair the chip or crack, but they are going to take more time to do it. Finally, it is also essential to consider the location because some spots of the windshield should not be repaired for different reasons. For example, when the chips affect the external limits of the windshield, you have to look for a windshield installation company in order to replace it.
It is because the external limits of the windshield give it more than 50 % of the resistance. For this reason, when the limits are compromised for chips, the best choice is replacing the windshield. Another spot that is impossible to repair is the area of the windshield that represents the vision of the driver. For this reason, this is like a forbidden area to repair because in the process the fixed area ends blurry and can cause accidents.


Which are the signs that tell us we need to replace our windshield?

In all of those cases it is necessary to replace the windshield to guarantee your safety. However, there are other situations when we do not have the certainty if it is necessary to change the windshield. For this reason, there are some alert signs you can notice to know if your windshield needs to be replaced. We already told you one of those signs; we

are talking about the features of the glass because if the glass is tempered cannot be replaced. Also, you can make the test of the dollar. It means that if the chip is bigger than a dollar, you do not have another option than to replace the windshield. Besides, you also have to replace it when the chips are as deep that affect two of the three layers of the glass, or the chip extends for the external limit. In this way, if the chips do not fit with those signs, you can repair your windshield.